16 Fakta Menarik ESP Shaklee Yang Perlu Anda Ambil Tahu

Jom baca 16 fakta menarik tentang ESP, suplemen terlaris di kalangan pelanggan-pelanggan saya. Sebelum tu .. 
Shaklee Corporation adalah pengeluar makanan tambahan yang terulung dan yang terbesar sehingga kini. Shaklee ditubuhkan pada tahun 1956 (bahkan penyelidikan dan pengeluaran bermula seawal 1915 lagi) oleh Dr Forrest C Shaklee, seorang pakar bidang dalam pemakanan berkhasiat.
No wonder suplemen Shaklee diakui terbaik dan berkualiti. Jaga standard.

ESP Shaklee sedap
Sumber protein harian terbaik daripada soya terbaik!


In November 2004, Dr. Nasr (see credentials below) spoke in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the benefits of soy. If you want please feel free to pass this along to your acquaintances. He uses Shaklee Soy exclusively because it has the very best and most complete soy protein and isoflavone content. You can feel so very good about Shaklee’s soy protein, and how we can help so many people who are looking for ways to improve their health.
Dr. Nasr has a B.S. in Agronomy; M.S. in Biochemistry of anti-oxidants and a PHD. in Pharmacognosy (science of bio-active products). He received his M.D. from Rush Medical College in Chicago, followed by Internal Medicine and Cardiology fellowships from Chicago Medical School. He is a member of the American College of Nutraceuticals and the American College of Preventive Medicine and is Director of the Medical Care & Diagnostic Center, Lake Villa, Il.
1. Optiflora and Soy Protein increase the absorption of protein, decrease gas and discomfort and decrease cholesterol by 23%

2. Sixty (60) studies have been conducted showing soy protein increases bone density more than just Calcium Magnesium does.

3. Two studies show that soy and vitamin E, together, decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) by 40% and that is 17% greater decrease than Zocor and Lipitor

4. Four studies show that soy protein inhibits oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol) by 40%. When cholesterol oxidizes, it becomes “sticky” and builds up on the arterial walls, which leads to clogged arteries.

5. Soy prevents gall stones. It doesn’t dissolve them but it prevents them.

6. Soy prevents kidneys from damage. Lots of animal protein may be hard on the kidneys, but soy protein protects the kidneys

7. French fries at major fast food establishments are crispy. That is a value for the store. Some french fries are coated with a protein substance that when combined with the sugar in the potato and then heated, gives them added crispness. Unfortunately that combination of sugar, protein and high heated fat produces a carcinogen. Probably a good idea to avoid all French fries.

8. Shaklee’s protein includes valuable protein and isoflavones that are not present in other soy proteins produced with heat or chemicals. Shaklee’s low heat – water wash process keeps the isoflavones in the protein. Isoflavones are natural cancer fighting ingredients that occur naturally in soy.

9. Soy’s protein and Isoflavones inhibit the mutated cell’s ability to make an enzyme that would cause the cell to continue reproducing and form a tumor.

10. Soy inhibits the cancer cell from making blood vessels that invade arteries and zap nutrients (this process is called angiogenesis).

11. Soy increases the killing effect of the white blood cells (phagocytosis).

12. Soy’s amino acid Lysine when combined with Vitamin C decreases Colon Cancer by 90%.

13. The flavanoids (like those in Shaklee’s Flavomax) when combined with Soy Protein are synergistic (they work even better together) and decrease breast cancer 10 fold.

14. Beta carotene (like those in Shaklee’s CarotoMax) when combined with Soy Protein and Calcium with Vitamin D are 10 times as effective at preventing cancer cells from getting an addition blood supply.

15. Women in the Orient get about 80mg of Isoflavones a day women in US and Europe get about 1.0 mg. That is an 80% negative difference for US and Europe.

16. Soy protein helps the differentiated cell (bad cell) convert back to a normal cell.

Energizing Soy Protein is a plant-based, biologically complete protein source that’s naturally low in fat, cholesterol free, and replete with all essential amino acids. As part of a healthy diet, it helps build muscle, skin, and hormones; support the immune system; retain normal cholesterol levels; and promote heart and prostate health. Plus, it contains soy isoflavones, which can help minimize hot flashes and promote breast health.

Haaa.. tu dia 16 kelebihan ESP, serbuk protein soya pilihan ramai. Sekarang, jom tengok antara 6 manfaat yang anda dapat apabila konsisten amalkan ESP ni :)

Jom order ESP dengan saya!

Pesanan dan pertanyaan hubungi saya.

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