Nursing in Public while Travelling in Melbourne

As promised, I wanna share some of my photos while breastfeeding in public during my vacation in Melbourne.

Some useful tips while NIP :-

  1. Do have something to cover your 'aurah ~ a jacket, a cardigan, a poncho, a shawl ; 
  2. Have lots of loves and confidence ; 
  3. Supports from your other half. 

And you are done good!

Thanks allah, the whole family supports me now, even my father in law now always says like this to me, " Takpe, bagi je dia menyusu sampai kenyang.. Biar dia kenyang "

NIP  experience in Melbourne

Honestly .. Just like my previous trip to Singapore, overseas people are more open-minded and supportive! C'mon malaysian mommies, let's us together promote breastfeeding in public! 

Lots of love,


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