Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else?

everybody is unique and special in their own way. those uniqueness that makes people different from one another.

so do i.

so, what so special about me that makes me different from you, dear readers?

something about me is, i always have the aura that makes people normally falls in love with me at their first sight.

maybe, this is one of the reason, why my hubby, after so many girlfriends he met and dated, he suddenly stopped all his relationship when we became friend. also, maybe this is one of the reason why i never failed in my work interviews, unless the last interview i attended coz i intentionally don't want to work so i didn't even prepared for that. maybe, this is one of the reason why i have two ex-bf that are much more younger that me.

the aura. maybe. what do you think? :)

lots of love,


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