Fakta Tentang Separation Anxiety

Apa itu 'Separation Anxiety'?

It is normal actually when at one stage, our baby suddenly becomes very 'attached' to us. not only bf babies ya.. formula-feed baby also.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety are :-

  1. Clinginess 
  2. Crying when a parent is out of sight 
  3. Strong preference for only one parent 
  4. Fear of strangers 
  5. Waking at night crying for a parent 
  6. Easily comforted in a parent’s embrace 

Source : Separation Anxiety - Just the Facts, Baby

mata tak lepas pandang camera. takut mak lari :p

Now mommy can feel a lil bit relieve. InshaALLAH.


Mommy Icha


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