Jun 26, 2010

Icha 2 Bulan dan 4 Minggu

Makin comel :))

Hands on

Your little one first discovered her hands a couple of weeks back, and now she's downright fascinated with them. Watch as she examines them, puts them in her mouth, and tries to suck on them.

ye betullll!!! huhuhu.. saya memang dah terperasan lately icha asyik tengok tangan diaaaaa je.. sampai juling2 biji mata. so funny! lagi best bila babah dia pegang tangan dia, dengan tangan2 babah pun dia dok tenung, as if she's studying those hands! very clever girl icha is! lepas tu apalagi, masuk mulut dan hisap.. kehkehkeh! funny la anak dara emak ni (^_^)
p/s :  paling tak tahan bila icha dah tahu gunakan cara tu nak bagi signal kat saya yg dia nak 'bergayut'
Steady now

This week, when you go to pick up your baby, she may be able to lift her head and hold it up for several moments, or even longer, while lying on her back. When sitting with support, she should be able to hold her head steady and erect.

oh! yang ni dah lama icha boleh buat, masa umur sebulan lagi bila saya tiarapkan dia boleh tegakkan kepala, cuma tak lama lah kan? hihi.. yaa, dan icha dah kuat untuk duduk atas riba sekarang.. cuma pipi icha yang labuh tu terjatuh bila dia duduk. so muka icha jadi macam kelakar sikit rupanya.. hahaha! sebiji muka babah dia masa baby tau.. kui3

When she's on her stomach, you might see her lifting her head and chest to about 45 degrees as if she were doing mini-pushups. You can offer encouragement by sitting in front of her and dangling a toy.

correct! angkat2 bontot comel tu.. betul tak?? sape baby dia sebaya dengan icha?

For a fun game that also develops her neck muscles, place your baby on her back and slowly pull her up by her hands to a sitting position. Slowly ease her back down, and repeat. She should be able to hold her head in line with the rest of her body as it's pulled up.

wow! nak kena buat ni.. nak anak berkualiti kena rajin (^_^)

Reading 101

Reading to your baby, even at this young age, will pay off. Hearing you read helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of language. Varying the pitch of your voice, using accents, and singing will make the connection between you and your baby that much more interesting.

oh ye ke? nampaknye kena rajin2 baca buku dan mengaji kat sebelah icha ni. saya dulu tak tahu apa yg mak saya buat sampai saya gila membaca. tapi yang saya tahu, mak saya memang hantu majalah (^_^), dan saya tukang sepahnyeee..

You can even read out loud to your child from something written for adult ears — try reading from the newspaper, your favorite novel, or a magazine. Whether it's Shakespeare or the latest bestseller, if you enjoy reading it, your baby will like hearing the rhythms of your voice.

ok. tips ni nampaknye ye? hurmm...