10 Ways to Get Into the Hugging Habit by Dr Sears

One way to let your children know you are there for them and that you want them to feel good, is by hugging. It is such a warm and wonderful feeling and so easy to do! In my Successful Child book, I list the following ways to get in those daily hugs:

10 Ways to Get Into the Hugging Habit
  1. When the child wakes up --- good morning hug.
  2. After breakfast --- “I love you” hug
  3. Before school --- “Have a good day” hug
  4. After school --- “I missed you” hug
  5. Anytime --- big, bountiful bear hugs
  6. Before dinner --- “Wash your hands” hug
  7. After dinner --- “I’m glad you’re mine” hug
  8. After chores or favors --- a “thank you” hug
  9. After homework --- “I’m proud of you” hug
  10. Bedtime --- “Sleep tight” hug
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