Breastfeeding False Alarm

Ingatkan orang nak dekat bersalin saje ada False Alarm, kan? Ibu menyusu pun ada juga.

Apa itu breastfeeding False Alarm?

Ia adalah satu keadaan di mana seorang ibu-ibu seperti saya mulai risau (yang bukan-bukan) bahawa milk supply dia mulai tak cukup untuk anaknya. Kerisauan kian menjadi-jadi jika dia berada bersama orang-orang yang turut kurang ilmu dalam BF ni.

Kerisauan ni terjadi disebabkan ibu-ibu ni nampak atau alami something yang unfamiliar semasa BF journey ni. 
" if the baby is gaining well and has plenty of wet diapers and bowel movements, then there is NOTHING wrong with your milk supply even if you notice any of the following 'false alarms'."

Your baby nurses very often

Many babies have a strong need to suck or a need for frequent contact with their mothers. If your baby is nursing effectively, frequent nursing means that your baby is getting enough - not that there is a lack of milk.

- as for me myself, being a mommy that is 247 being direct-feed with baby, i sometimes, yes, worried about my milk supply. whether the milk is enough or not for icha. but alhamdulillah, its over 4 months already and the milk is always there for her.

Your baby seems hungry and hour or so after being fed

Breastmilk digests more quickly than formula and places less strain on a baby's immature digestive system, so the breastfed baby needs to be fed more frequently than the formula-fed baby

- correct! especially for those who are still in confinement period. please do not influenced by the 'cakap-cakap' from people around you that your baby isnt getting enough milk. your breastmilk is more than enough for your baby ok. i always 'bangkang' this 'cakap-cakap' coz i dont want icha's cute tummy to be filled in with formula milk anymore!

Your baby suddenly increases the frequency and/or length of his nursings

Babies who are very sleepy as newborns often "wake up" about two - three weeks of age and begin nursing more frequently. Babies also go through occasional growth spurts (at around 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months). During these periods they nurse more often than usual to bring in more milk to meet their needs

- yup! all we need as a mommy ( and your hubby has to support) that ; just be patient. i love this part - baby being attached to me so much. anyway, it should be like that huh? im the one who carried her for almost 10 months in my tummy, im the one that fought between life and death to bring her into this world kan? a lil patient only..

Your baby suddenly decreases his nursing time, perhaps down to 5 - 10 mins per breast.

He may simply be able to extract the milk more quickly now that he is more experienced at nursing.

- sometimes. babies are getting matured  and more clever each day (^_^)

Your baby is fussy

Many babies have a fussy period each day, often at about the same time of the day. Some babies are fussy much of the time. Fussiness can be caused by many other things other than hunger, but often there is no discernible reason. Research indicates that breastfed babies may initially tend to be fussier that their formula-fed peers.

- especially during the growth spurt.. urgghh!! but again, be patient. you'll sure be thankful later when your baby has become an adult. (ada seorang consumer saya mengakui perbezaan dua orang anak dia yang dapat breastmilk dengn formula milk)

Your breasts leak only a little or non at all

Leaking has no relationship to the amount of milk a mother produces, and the mother whose breasts do leak during feedings usually finds that leaking is no longer a problem once her supply becomes established and regulated to her baby's needs.

- correct! normally kita leak masa dalam confinement period kan? once our body has adjusted to the supply, then we seldom experience this.

Your breasts suddenly seem softer

This happens as the mother's milk production adjusts to her baby's needs and the initial breast fullness or engorgement subsides within the first few weeks.

- aha! this is very normal. dont worry about this k?

You never feel a let-down (or milk ejection reflex) or it does not seem as strong as it did before.

This is normal and may occur as time goes on. Some mothers do not feel a let down at all
- yup! i also dont have this LDR each time. what is LDR by the way? my simple answer - a tingling sensation on breast while pumping or nursing. hehe! its heaven for pumping mommies, i guess ;-)

Your baby takes a bottle after nursing.

Many babies will suck on a bottle even of they are full, because they like to suck. This is not necessarily a sign that the baby did not get enough at the breast.

- correct. as for me, icha refused the bottle so much, so what happened is the 'mengempeng' stuff. she's full already, i know it. but it is her nature as a baby, and she feel very safe to be bawah ketiak emak (^_^)

You cannot express much milk

Milk expression is a learned skill and the amount of milk expressed will increase with practice and the mother's ability to letdown her milk to the pump. Pumping effectiveness may also vary depending on the type of pump used. The amount of milk a mother expresses may be unrelated to her milk supply

- practise.. practise.. practise .. do you occur to feel your breast still full even you have tried to expresed the milk for 20 minutes already? then, you have to check with the experienced pals or experts. that's why LDR is important for pumping mommies.

hurmmm.. hopefully kawan-kawan baca dan fahamkan betul-betul k? jangan cepat melatah. relax. then, entry dari blog ni pagi ni sangat bagu untuk dibaca SUSU IBU TAKKAN PERNAH KERING

source : The Breastfeeding Answer Book by LLL


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