Ciri-Ciri Seorang Jutawan Hebat dan Berkarisma

Buku laris di pasaran, “The Millionaire’s Mind” tulisan Dr Thomas Stanley melakukan survey/research pada jutawan2 di US. Faktor-faktor Jutawan mengikut turutan oleh Dr. Thomas Stanley adalah…
  1. Being honest with all people
  2. Being well discipline
  3. Getting along with others
  4. Having a supportive spouse (husband/wife)
  5. Working harder than most people
  6. Loving my carreer / business
  7. Having strong leadership qualities
  8. Having a very competitive spirit / personality
  9. Being very well organized
  10. Having the ability to sell my ideas / products
  11. Making wise investments
  12. Seeing opportunities other do not see
  13. Being my own boss
  14. Willing to take financial risk given the right return
  15. Having good mentors
  16. Having the urge to be well respected
  17. Investing in own business
  18. Finding profitable niche
  19. Having extraordinary energy
  20. Being physically fit