Why is vitamin e important for good health?

Vitamin E dan Kepentingannya kepada Kesihatan Kita

There are several benefits of vitamin e for your body. Some preliminary studies involving intakes of vitamin e higher than the daily-recommended requirement have shown that vitamin e may be useful in treating or possibly preventing:
•menstrual pain
•low sperm count
•inflammation of eye tissues
•restless leg syndrome or relief from muscle cramping
•Alzheimer’s disease
•Parkinson’s disease
•rheumatoid arthritis
•various diabetes related complications and maybe helpful in treating and preventing diabetes itself
•cardiovascular disease
•prostate cancer and breast cancer
Benefits of vitamin e also include helping the body increase and regulate the levels of vitamin a in the body and as a general immune system booster, especially in older adults. Topical vitamin e might also promote good blood circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots, especially in people with diabetes.

The problem is that although it is agreed that vitamin e is a very useful and essential vitamin for humans (especially for its antioxidant activity), many of the stated benefits of vitamin e are anecdotal. There are few in depth studies available to verify some of the benefits of vitamin e claims that are being made. However, there are numerous informal reports of individuals insisting significant health benefits with increased levels of vitamin e. Further scientific study will help to target specifically whether vitamin e truly does play a role in treating or preventing the conditions mentioned above.