Tips WAHM : - PART I

 1. Assemble your children's outfits when you put clothes away in their drawers. Then you can quickly grab a full outfit without having to waste time scouring the drawers for a matching shirt and pair of pants.
- yup! cara ni sangat berkesan. ingat tak time sekolah2 dulu, especially masa sekolah menengah (zaman suka beregek)? malam2 mesti nak iron baju, iron kain sampai ada 'side yg tajam', iron tudung semua .. then, siapkan semua kat satu tempat dengan kasut, stokin, spendamemenda, beg sekolah dsb so that esok pagi lepas mandi terus je siap dengan cepat. haa.. kan mak kita dah ajar dah lama dah? so, amalkanlah ye. baju hubby tu siap2 dah semua letak kat satu tempat, dgn jam tangan, hp, speck, kunci etc .. yg ada anak tu pun sama. sonang kojo eh? :)

2. When you see a great toy on sale, buy several and sock them away for your child to give to friends at birthday parties throughout the year.
- haaa~ ni betul! saya tak buat lagilah. tapi mak dan abah mertua saya buat - untuk hadiah orang kawen. kalau terjumpa benda murah2 dan cantik2 dan sesuai buat hadiah, diorang akan beli dan balut cantik2 siap2. senang bila ada sedara-mara ke kawan-kawan ke kawen takyah fikir nak cari hadiah last minutes. setuju?

3. Give your grade-schooler a "homework box" with pencils, an eraser, a stapler, a calculator, and a ruler. Ask her to bring it to the table whenever it's time to do homework.
- ni pun betul! ada sesetengah budak ni jenis tak organized dan malas! bila time kita nak pantau homework/ assignment dia mulalah.. takde pensellah, takde penlah, takde kaler pensel la.. rasa nak lepuk je budak mcm ni! (haha.. saya kan garang?). so, as parents, you all kenalah siapkan dan bila time nak buat homework tu suruh dia ambik yg you all dah prepare. lepas guna - simpan balik kat tempat asal. jangan bagi dia bawak pi sekolah. lain pulak ceritanya :)

4. Forget about addressing your party invitations by hand. Go to the United States Postal Service website to create party invitations that can be shipped to addresses you upload to the site. Or, have your own photo printed onto a postcard invitation at Snapfish and they'll stamp the cards and mail them for you.
- yang ni kat Malaysia kureng lah sikit kalau invite guna Fb, yahoo, gmail.. kan? kalau kawan2 sebaya, sekerja, sesekolah maybe okey.. tapi generasi mak bapak kita saya tak advise lah. somehow kita kena kekalkan juga certain budaya. kalau kat kampung, dekat dgn rumah.. elok le by hand. kalau jauh poskan, call bagitahu..

- nak jimat masa memang kena rajin! so, siapkan makanan kudap2an anak2/adik2 macam yg dia ajar ni. korang pun tak perlu susah-payah nak ke dapur kan? plus, budak2 tu diajar berdikari.

6. Skip ironing and get wrinkles out of a shirt or pair of trousers by putting them in the dryer for 15 minutes with a damp hand towel.
- tak pernah cuba. seems interesting. (saya suka iron seluar slack hubby! tunjuk skill)

7. Stop wasting time looking for things you use often, like scissors, reading glasses, or baby wipes. Stock up and keep duplicates in the rooms where you spend the most time.
- yang ni saya buat tapi tak cukup organized lagi. hubby pun pesan beli je byk2 benda2 mcm tu then letak kat setiap tempat. lagi2 rumah byk bilik, dua tingkat.. hah!

8. Designate 30 minutes after dinner for cleaning — and get everyone involved in folding laundry, doing dishes, and clearing away clutter.
- yang ini mak saya dah trained kami. rasanya korang pun dah biasa, so no need to explain. mak saya siap buat jadual basuh pinggan lagi tau! yg lelaki pulak mak suruh basuh pinggan sendiri - adik2 lelaki saya semuanya pandai memasak tau :)

9. Store sets of sheets and pillowcases inside unfolded pillowcases to make bed changes fast and easy and minimize clutter in your linen closet.
- belum cuba. best ni! :)

10. Program the phone numbers for your favorite take-out restaurants into your cell phone so you can call to pick up dinner on the way home and avoid paying for delivery.
- takde buat le, tapi saya dah add to favourite website pizza hut dan domino kekekekke!

11. Create a file for coupons for your favorite restaurants and file them with take-out menus. Put the coupons that expire soonest at the front of the pack.
- ni pun belum buat walaupun dah dimarahi oleh hubby byk kali pasal ni :D :D :D

12. Set up a box for bills that need to be paid and stock it with stamps and envelopes.
- yang ni dulu ada buat, sekarang takde sebab sejak duduk rumah sewa saya jd 'pemalas' - bukan rumah sendiri. tapi sekarang saya handsup..

13. Organize your favorite articles, parenting information, and recipes so you can find them more quickly. Place pages from online sites, magazines, and newspapers in page protectors and stash them in a three-ring binder.
- DONE! dalam laptop ada, dalam ring binder pun ada. :)

14. Store your child's outgrown clothes in large plastic bins and affix labels such as "0 to 3 months", "6 to 9 months", "9 to 12 months", and so on. Once your child has grown out of a size, you can easily store the clothes, loan them to a friend, or take them to a consignment shop.
- ni pun kena buat ni. baju icha byk dah tak muat ni.. kena buat! kena buat!

15. Set the table the night before and put items like bowls, utensils, cereal, fruit, toaster, and bread out to avoid a morning rush. 5. Stock your produce drawer or a lower shelf in your refrigerator with snacks like carrot sticks and apple slices that your kids can grab without your help. Set up a similar area in your pantry with baggies full of dried fruit or graham crackers.
- ni bila rajin je.. hikhikhik. lepas ni saya akan buat, lagipun mak mertua saya ada bagi pinggan cantik baru-baru ni .. (sape nak beli pinggan cantik, boleh datang teluk intan kedai mak mertua saya ye .. hehehe)

16. Shop for holiday and birthday gifts year-round. Whenever you see a great gift for someone you love, buy it and set it aside for giving later.
- ni macam yang kat atas 2 tu

17. Start a monthly meal exchange program with five friends and neighbors. Once a month, cook enough for two dinners. Stash one in the freezer and take the other to meet up with the group and swap healthy, freezer-ready main dishes. Then go home with four other meals, and put them in the freezer alongside the extra one you made for your family. Suddenly you're stocked up with a variety of easy, homemade dinners.
- wohoho! best ni.. saya nak tagged sape ye yang ni? so far teringat kak cery je sebab dia rajin memasak. jom kak cery!

18. Limit personal e-mail and computer time to twice a day.
- inshaALLAH.. dalam proses. sebab email personal is email kerja saya. kena buat cleanup sikit.

19. Do all of your errands one day a week, working off a list and taking the most efficient route.
- belum buat lagi, asyik berangan nak buat je..

20. Hire a babysitter for a couple of hours on the weekend so you can tackle household duties and errands without kids in tow.
- ni tak payah kot. saya kan supermom? hehehe

21. Chop all your vegetables, fruits, and herbs for the week's meals at one time so everything will be ready for cooking.
- yang ni saya pernah share before. tips dari umie jie kat entry ni :)

22. Add important appointments and activities to a master calendar in your e-mail in-box and set up reminders for up to one week ahead. This calendar can be shared with family members via e-mail. (Google Calendar, a free Web-based system, even sends reminders to cell phones.)
- tak buat, stll guna conventional way.

23. Sort belongings into clear, labeled bins that can be stacked and stowed so your child can easily find things like DVDs and toys without your help. Use brightly colored labels and picture labels for toddlers and preschoolers who can't read.
- belum. tapi icha memang dah ada kotak mainan dia sendiri hehehe

24. Stop by the post office before 3 p.m. on weekdays, when the long lines usually begin to form, so you can get in and out more efficiently.
- alhamdulillah saya dekat HQ POSLAJU. so takde problem nak tunggu lama2. mmg ke POSLAJU everyday.

25. Keep disinfecting and glass wipes in the bathroom for quick cleanups around toilets, sinks, and mirrors. You could even do a speedy wipe-down while you bathe the kids.
- to be :)

lots of love,