Nutrisi Penting Untuk Kuku Cantik & Sihat

Nutrisi Untuk Kuku Cantik

Did you know that :-

  1. Zinc deficiency causes white spots on your nails?
  2. Vitamin A and Calcium deficiency cause dryness in weakness in your nails?
  3. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause dry, darkened, and extremely rounded nails?
  4. Protein deficiency causes white bands across your nails?
  5. Dehydration can cause cracks in the nails?

For healthy nails, here's our recommendation:

  1. Drink carrot juice daily, its rich in calcium and does wonders for your nails.
  2. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water and juice
  3.  Eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits to give your nails and the rest of your body of course the vitamins and minerals they need. For sulfur and silicon, eat more broccoli, onions, and fish.
  4. If you find yourself not eating properly, consider taking a daily multi-vitamin


* Produk ini tidak bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat, menyembuh atau mencegah sebarang jenis penyakit 

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