Ten Simple Steps for a Greener and Healthier Home : Sloan Barnett's

Sloan Barnett, wife of Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett, is a green consumer advocate and regular contributor to NBC’s “Today Show”. Sloan has written a thoroughly researched, highly readable book about getting the chemicals and toxins not just out of our homes and out of our environment, but out of our bodies as well!

Here is Sloan’s Ten Simple Steps for a Greener and Healthier Home:

1. Start by replacing a bunch of your cleaners (your general spray cleaner, glass cleaner, counter-top cleaner, floor and bathroom cleaners) with a natural, nontoxic all-purpose cleaner. You will only need one product to do that. Really! Shaklee’s Basic-H2 will accomplish this step: www.shaklee.net/ahealthylife/product/00015

If this is your first time using Basic-H2, we recommend getting the 3-pack of “Get Clean” spray bottles. Each spray bottle is attractively labeled and has instructions for different mixtures for All Purpose Cleaning, Glass Cleaning and Degreasing: www.shaklee.net/ahealthylife/product/50443

2. Replace your laundry detergent with a natural nontoxic one so the clothes you wear and the sheets you sleep on have no fumes for you to breathe. Shaklee’s Fresh Laundry Concentrate in powder or liquid form does the job even better then store bought brands. HE compatible and fragrance-free options available. Go to: www.shaklee.net/ahealthylife/product/GetCleanLaundry

3. Go to your bathroom and read the shampoo, makeup and moisturizer labels. Ask yourself, “Do I really need scent in these products?” Take stock of all of your other products and try to replace one a week with a safer, greener choice.

For Shaklee’s Natural Personal Care Products go to:

For Shaklee’s Natural Beauty Products go to:

For Shaklee’s ProSante Hair Care Products go to: http://www.shaklee.net/members/shopNowProd/HairCare

4. Use BPA-free plastic baby bottles and fill them with breast milk or organic formula. Choose powdered formula over canned formula to avoid BPA leaching from the can lining.

For more information on BPA-free bottles go to: http://babyproducts.about.com/od/feedingdrinks/tp/BPA_free_baby_bottles.htm

5. Pay attention (without freaking out) to the toys you buy for your kids. Avoid lead paint and soft plastics that contain phthalates. Also a good germ cleaner for toys is Shaklee’s Germ Off Fragrance-Free Disinfecting Wipes. They clean and disinfect odor-causing bacteria without alcohol or bleach. Order online at:


6. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid processed foods. Even better, choose organic and locally grown meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Find locally grown produce, farmer’s markets, family farms and other sources of sustainably grown food anywhere in the country at: http://www.localharvest.org/

7. Try to get the plastic containers out of your kitchen and replace them with glass containers. For more on the benefits of glass containers go to: http://www.greendaily.com/2008/09/18/glass-vs-plastic/

8. Make a vow to stop buying bottled water—NOW. Instead, buy a water filter pitcher and keep two in your fridge at all times. Shaklee’s BestWater Pitcher or MTS 2000 Water Filter (both rated #2 by Consumer Reports) provide clean fresh and easily accessible water that saves you big money over bottled water. http://www.shaklee.net/members/shopNowProd/WaterTreatment

9. For cleaner and healthier air, open your windows once a day when the outside temperature is comfortable. Also check out the AirSource 3000 Air Purifier that dramatically reduces all three of the major forms of indoor air pollution, including particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust and cigarette smoke; microbes such as mold and bacteria; gases and odors. It purifies the air up to 3000 sq. ft. making it ideal for most homes. For more information go to: http://www.shaklee.net/members/shopNowProd/55102

10. When buying new stuff for your home, focus on green products, especially mattresses and carpets.

For green carpeting check out: http://www.thegreenguide.com/doc/96/letters

For green bedding check out: http://www.thegreenguide.com/doc/107/bedding